Jan H. Klug
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This page *really* isn't up-to-date; for an updated biography (and more) please visit www.janklug.com.

Jan Klug, born in Aachen, Germany, is the musician of the group Poets from Epibreren, which he joined back in 1996. He finished his study of saxophone (popular music) in 1999, at the conservatory of Groningen, the Netherlands. Besides his job with the Poets from Epibreren Jan works as a guest musician of different bands like Plan Kruutntoone, Ygdrassil and Arling & Cameron.
With A & C, Jan has been on a small 'world tour', to (among others) Denmark, America, Canada, France and Japan, to promote their new record, Music for Imaginary Films, which can be found in many record shops nowadays.
He joined Arling & Cameron to America and Canada before, in the summer of '99 - then accompaigned by lovely singer Fay Lovsky.

Besides that, Jan is involved in many projects, like Doppler, Safehouse and Syzygy, where free improvisation / experimental playing is an important ingredient.
Next to different kinds of saxophones, flute (as seen on the picture on the right) and bass clarinet Jan Klug also plays Pataphone, which he invented by himself (sorry, but the Pataphone-text is available in dutch and german only); furthermore, Jan is performing a kind of harmonic singing.
All these different sounds Jan puts through a series of effect pedals (see the picture beneath this text) and makes them soundscapes.

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photo: Chris van Wierst


Right now at Studio Kranknhaus there is being worked on the first solo album by Jan Klug, but it won't be ready before the autumn of 2001.
Of course, there are rumours that before this time, there could come a CD of The Poets from Epibreren, and of course Herr Dr. Klug would be responsible for the music on this, too. Who knows...

Nevertheless, there are many records spinning around the world at this moment on which Klug has participated in one way or another. Here's a selection of these 'guest appearances':

Arling & Cameron - music for imaginary films
2000 - Emperor Norton Records / PIAS
tracks nr. 1, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 13, 14

group: www.arlingandcameron.com
label: www.emperornorton.com

Ygdrassil - We visit many places
1999 - Pink Records
tracks nr. 4, 6

group: http://home.planet.nl/~ygdrassil

Ygdrassil - Pieces
1997 - VIA / PIAS
track nr. 6

group: http://home.planet.nl/~ygdrassil

Linde - Visman
1998 - VIA
tracks nr. 4, 7, 10, 13

Plan Kruutntoone - Humpacoma
1998 - Plan Kruutntoone / Konkurrent
track nr. 1

Megakronkel - Microlowmanic
1996 - kronkel / Konkurrent
tracks nr. 1, 3

Maeror Tri - M.P.D.
1991 - Staalplaat
track nr. 1

label: www.dronerecords.de